Quick Convert Options in AOMA in Support of 2K/4K

SD Standard Resolution – MPEG-2

  • This is an updated MPEG-2 output “non-cropped” for SD content specifically for iTunes. This is considered “source quality” for our MPEG-2 registered Master Assets. It is recommended to use this for quick convert or export of MPEG-2 source assets when highest quality output is desired. Source Format : MPEG-2. Any HD, 2K or 4K content will be downscaled and output to SD size using this profile.

UHD Clean Cropped – MPEG-4

  • This is the new updated Vevo conversion profile which supports up to 4K. Converted files are “clean cropped” which means the engineer input crop data in AOMA is leveraged to remove any inactive pixels. This can result in some non-standard or odd size types for the video output. This is only recommended for Vevo delivery and partners that can receive custom cropped video.

UHD Standard Resolution – MPEG-4 *Recommended MP4*

  • This is the non-cropped “standard resolution” output which conforms to the source file’s standard video size up to 4K and leaves in matting such as letterboxing or pillars. This is recommended when an MPEG-4 output source is required. This will output Native resolution video files at standard videos sizes, it will not upscale content.

UHD Standard Resolution – ProRes *Recommended ProRes MOV*

  • This is the non-cropped “standard resolution” ProRes output. This is “Master quality” and should be used when the highest quality asset is required. This will output native resolution video files for SD, HD and UHD size types, it will not upscale content. It is NOT recommended to convert MPEG2 sources using this profile.