Video Screen Capture (VSC)

The ‘VSC’ is one image asset which represents a short form video product. Otherwise known as a video thumbnail or Video Image Capture (VIC).

A VSC can be taken from the video timeline directly, or submitted as a separate image asset.

VSC submission specs and requirements are as follows:

Option 1: Provide Timecode

  • The frame from the provided Timecode will be extracted from the video stream and registered as a VSC master asset.
  • Timecode should be in mm:ss:ff (minutes, seconds, frames, include hours if necessary)

Option 2: Provide a JPEG image asset

  • In lieu of a direct extraction from the video timeline, a separate asset can be submitted which will act as representative of the Shortform video product.

File specification requirements are as follows:

  • Image must match video resolution (standard or clean cropped is permitted)
  • 72 ppi
  • RGB
  • JPEG

Vertical Video Support:

  • Same as the above spec.
  • Image can be 16:9 landscape (1920×1080 or 3840×2160) or 9:16 portrait (1080×1920 or 2160×3840)

VSC Content Considerations:

To ensure trouble-free delivery please adhere to best practices as follows:

The VSC image…
Must be taken from the actual video timeline.
Should not include text in the thumbnail.
Should be full frame with no inactive pixels, must match the standard or cropped resolution of the source video submitted.
Should not include any questionable material such as nudity, drug use, profane gestures.