Disc On Demand

Artwork delivery requirements for Disc on Demand.

Artwork must be provided for the disc face, insert booklet, and the case.

      • Images must be submitted as RGB JPEGs or PNGs.
      • CMYK (or four-color) JPEGs are NOT supported.
      • The standard CD logo cannot be used as they are only licensed for use with replicated discs.    Disc On Demand
      • A UPC barcode is automatically added during manufacturing.
                  o Outside Tray Card
                                    – Default position is the lower right corner
                  o Outside Booklet
                                    – Default position is the lower right corner
                  o Be sure to leave this area free of important text and graphics.
                  o Do not create a white box in this area.
                  o Do not include your own bar code in this section.
      • The disc face is printed using a thermal retransfer process using full color. A small barcode is automatically added at the
          bottom during manufacturing and is required for quality control purposes.


Format Naming Convention Image Size (pixels) Maximum File Size
Cover Booklet Outside CDBookletOutsideImage.jpg 2925 x 1490 6 MB
Cover Booklet Inside CDBookletInsideImage.jpg 2925 x 1490 6 MB
Tray Card Outside CDTrayCardOutsideImage.jpg 1820 x 1465 6 MB
Tray Card Inside CDTrayCardInsideImage.jpg 1820 x 1465 6 MB
Disc Face Image LabelImg.jpg 1417×1417 Full bleed 2 MB

For Standard Booklets (4 page booklets):
An example of a 4-page booklet layout

Disc On Demand

For Multipage Booklets (8 to 32 page booklets):
An example of an 8-page booklet layout:

Disc On Demand

Please refer the table below to determine how to name your booklet artwork for 8 to 32 page booklets. Be aware that each
sheet represents 2 pages, which are not necessarily adjacent to each other when the booklet is assembled.


Disc On Demand

Download all files – DOD.zip

DOD Templates, CD Logo and Quicksheet:

Disc On Demand   Disc On Demand   Disc On Demand   Disc On Demand

*Global Media Production can convert Packaging Graphics to DOD upon request.